Eric Leenderts
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Integrated reporting

It all started with environmental accountancy, the bridge between accountancy and disclosure & audit of environmental information. It contains not only environmental data as part of ordinary accountancy, but also accountancy aspects in environmental issues, like:

  • financial & tax consultancy of soilproblems / reconstructions
  • environmental accountancy, audit & reporting
  • valuation of polluted land
  • tax consultancy on environmental issues

Now, the limited scope of the environmental report has been developed to a financial, social & ethical report, in which "people, planet & profit" are the central issues. When those elements are combined, we speak of integrated reporting. The latest framework for these reports is know as GRI G4.

As chairman of all environmental accountants in the Netherlands and as former chairman of the national jury of the ACC Award, the yearly prize for the best corporate sustainability report of the Netherlands, you have found the right one to advise you in these matters.