Eric Leenderts
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Social links

On this page I promote social organisations that I care about. Mostly small ones that try hard to make a difference and "work with their hart".

I am convinced that beiing born on the "right" side of the tube and the fact that money & matter are not the most important things in life anyway, gives us the opportunity to make life better for others and we should all take that opportunity by hart.

Stichting Hospicevrijwilligers Rotterdam, a foundation of volunteers who help people in nursing homes in the last three months of their lives.

Stichting Breath, just a few peope who try to bring some happiness in the lives of foster children in the former "East" regardless of race, religion, etc. They have set up a fosterhome in Romania and soon will finish one in Ukraine. They painted the houses in the colours of their favorite football team!

Stichting DaDa, a foundation in Rotterdam that tries to give a better life for children in hospitals to design and finance playrooms for them. Founded by a father that lost a child at a very young age and wanted to do something for other children.

Tibetains Children's Villages in Dharamsala, India where more than 16.000 children are taken care of.

Blink now in Surkhet, Nepal. The amazing story of a young woman that was traveling in Nepal with a backpack and wanted to help a little girl. It's now a community of children, with schools and health care.