Eric Leenderts
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Starting your own company!

Starting your own company is an enterprise on it's own. A newcomer is allways good in his or her busisness, but to run your own company takes more than that.

Looking for someone in the Netherlands who can guide you? Someone who can advise you on your legal & tax structure, the financial side or the setup of your administration (via internet)? Someone who will lead you to tax advantages?

If your plan is ready, but you want a good check before you ask anyone for a loan? One time only to make that first impression, especially with banks! Looking for a consultant to help you with your application?

In that case you are ready for an appointment. Go to the contact page to get one!

Don't miss the national "startersdag" of the Chambers of Commerce of the Netherlands, always the first Saturday in November. In Rotterdam Eric Leenderts normally gives  presentations on his publication "The file system, a simple method of bookkeeping". Download the latest English version of this publication here!