Eric Leenderts
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Training & presentations

As of 1987 Eric Leenderts makes and gives courses, training and presentations on several topics, mainly related to financial and / or tax relevant subjects. Some of the topics are:

  • Finance for non-financials
  • The file system, a simple way of bookkeeping
  • Getting to know your balance sheet
  • Financially managing a business  
  • "Bad weather" management
  • Management of dismissals 
  • Growing pains (of a business) 
  • Whatch your legal form 
  • Budgetting
  • The value of a company 
  • Tax law for business owners 
  • Tax law for consultants 
  • Financial and tax aspects of soil polution
  • Customer loyalty: It's only nice when it works!

Apart from these i (have) develop(ed) several courses for organisations of business owners.