Eric Leenderts
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Dispute resolutions

If there is a dispute in business lawyers are often the first to handle it. This attitude in most cases will leave parties with a broken relation, a long period of litigation and a solution no one is really happy about. A better understanding between the parties is never reached. Every party has only stressed his or hers own position.

There are a number of alternatives to get to a resolution, that are part of our business:

ARBITRATION: parties appoint themselves or let a judge or Chamber of Commerce appoint a professional that will judge after all parties have given him their view. This is a resolution that is most alike normal litigation with the difference that it is a professional with a background on the nature of the dispute (e.g. financial). The law sets out the rules.

BINDING ADVICE: where parties appoint someone themselves who takes a decision in their dispute.

MEDIATION: is the only method in which parties themselves come to a resolution. The mediator, skilled in communication and specialised in conflict attitudes, guides parties to an admosphere in which a resolution is possible. 

Eric Leenderts is a full certified mediator, arbitrator, conflictcoach and negotiator (International ADR Certified).